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Perhaps the lowest price in the Chicagoland Area, Why?

Dr. Rich Guerra has placed over 3, 500 implants. I focus on dental implants as most of the dental work I perform involves implants, extractions and bone grafting. I value quality and strive to be known as the best provider for Implants. I can place implants that support a single tooth, bridges, retain dentures and even support full FIXED dentures. I have specific training with regards to dental implants, most importantly I have the experience of placing and over 3, 500 dental implants. With dental Implants, experience counts and I place more implants per year than almost any other provider.

You can benefit from dental implants so naturally you ask how much do implants cost? Our low cost dental implant pricing is upfront and we believe that no other office can match our affordable dental implants. The price of dental implants historically was very high and until recently prices became more relevant to the cost of parts, time and lab work.

Most implants in the United States are put in by one dentist and the crown is places by another Dentist. Each of those dentists will charge a fee. That is why the total cost of a dental implant is so high. I place and restore the dental implant all in this office. My patients save a lot of money and most importantly receive high quality care!

A recent quote from Costa Rica indicated the total cost of an implant there is roughly $1600 which includes the implant, abutment and crown. Save time and travel expenses and visit us here in Chicago where my fee is $1800.

Dental Implant Fees (Single Tooth):

Typical Fees
  • $2000 Implant Placement
  • $650 Abutment
  • $1350 Crown
  • $4000 Typical Fee
Dr. Guerra Fees
  • $500 Implant Placement
  • $500 Abutment (Stock)
  • $1000 Crown
  • $2000 TOTAL FEE ($200 Discount if paid in full with cash or check at implant visit)

Why are Dental Implants so Expensive:

1. Inexperienced dentists take longer to plan the case, take longer to place the implant, and take longer to place the crown. At a recent course on dental implants, I had triple the experience of the presenter.

2. Specialists such as periodontists and oral surgeons charge more because they are specialists.

3. Specialists usually use more than one implant system and they need to buy thousands of dollars in tools and parts for each brand. I know a specialists that places 5 different brands!! I only place one brand.

4. German and Swiss implants such are more expensive because the Euro exchange rate (adds 30%) and because of the hefty sales commissions (adds another 30-40%). My American made high quality implants are NOT purchased through a sales man, I purchase them directly from the company and NOT A MIDDLEMAN.

5. Less skilled practitioners rely on 3D imaging ($450), surgical guides ($400) and also have their cases planned by another “Mentor” dentist ($300) which add considerably to the cost of implants.

6. Beware of very fancy offices, ultimately YOU pay for the crystal chandelier, stained glass windows, granite counters, hardwood flooring and aromatherapy. My newly constructed modern office was constructed by family and friends. I also stayed away from expensive touches.

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