Dental Implants

Who should do Dental implants?

Who should do Dental implants?

Can anyone have dental implants? Most people can have dental implant treatment. The limiting factor is mostly the medical condition of the patient. If the patient is too frail to handle minor oral surgery then this elective treatment may be contraindicated due to possible medical and surgical complications. I was told that I cannot have dental implants because there is not…

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Dental Implants Periodontal Disease

Dental Implants Periodontal Disease

If all of your teeth have been removed, then your poor gums have been cured. You can only have gum disease if you have natural teeth. Once the teeth are gone, the bacterial infection know as periodontitis can no longer occur. Being said, dental implants are a wonder option for you. There are many types of restorations that you can have on dental implants with all different…

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