Oral Health

Dental Health Awareness Month

Dental Health Awareness Month

Colgate has been celebrating Oral Health Month since 2012, always focusing on creating awareness of proper oral health habits to promote healthy smiles among Hispanic communities nationwide. A collaboration that will make you smile For the first time, Colgate is collaborating with the American Dental Association this year to improve oral health outcomes among U.S. Hispanics…

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National Oral Health Plan

National Oral Health Plan

The major message of the report is that oral health means much more than healthy teeth, and is integral to the general health and well-being of all Americans. Oral health must be included in the provision of health care and design of community programs. Safe and effective means of maintaining oral health that everyone can adopt to improve oral health and prevent disease have…

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Oral Health in Children

Oral Health in Children

Public Health England’s (PHE) rapid evidence review and ROI tool were commissioned from the York Health Economics Consortium and developed in partnership with PHE. The ROI tool allows effectiveness data on oral health interventions to be used to estimate the potential economic benefits from each intervention. The tool uses the best available evidence to estimate the reduction…

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