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We have a limited number of walk-in appointments for dental emergencies available each day. The number varies depending on the number of pre-scheduled appointments and dentists available. Our doors open at 7:30 a.m. but a line often forms before then. At 8 a.m., our Security staff hands out line numbers based on the number of open appointments.

If you receive a number:

1) You will be asked to complete a same-day appointment form.

2) Someone from the dental department will review your form with you. If it’s determined you need to be seen that day, you will be placed on the schedule for an assessment exam.

3) The assessment exam SHS conducts is necessary to determine the extent of your condition and develop an appropriate treatment plan. What happens next will vary from patient to patient:

a. If you have an infection, you may have to complete a round of antibiotics before any further work is done. Once the infection is clear, we will proceed with your treatment plan.

b. If the procedure is beyond our scope, you may be referred to another dental clinic, outside of SHS. When this happens, you are still responsible for the cost of the assessment exam (currently $40; sliding fee discounts may apply for those who qualify).

c. If your condition is something we can address that day, we will. If your condition requires follow-up care, we will work with you to schedule those appointments before you leave.

If you do not receive a number, you will receive a list of other dental safety-net providers for your consideration. SHS does not endorse any of these clinics or programs nor do we assume financial liability for the treatment you may receive there. We simply provide the list for your convenience.

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